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Chaplain: Imperial Guard Walkthrough HQ Company Command Squad There are many things you can do with your command squad. A popular choice is to keep them cheap and use them for their orders, possibly including a vox or a regimental standard. This way they are highly unlikely to be targeted by your opponent and thus able to provide their bonuses for most of the game. At the very least they can be getting cover saves by hiding behind your other guardsmen, making all shooting directed at them fairly inefficient. You can load them up with four special weapons, for their potential to do a hell of a lot of damage to any unit that wants to get close to you. You should choose the same weapon for all the veterans. Four flamers is the cheapest option and if they ever get into range they will do more damage to infantry than any other weaponry. Four meltaguns is another option to deal with any vehicles. Grenade launchers and plasmaguns are also superb weapons and it really comes down to your own taste. Loading up on short ranged special weapons can work well because guard can win most battles at range; the enemy is forced to come close. They can also take a heavy weapon, preferably with 48" range. This can come at the detriment of giving orders because they're more likely to be targeted by the enemy. The command squad can take a chimera, which can give some extra protection and still issue orders from inside. It can also aid the delivery of the special weapon command. Loading everything into chimeras for a mechanized army is a great option, where the chimeras are taken more for their armor 12, firepower, and weight of numbers than their transport ability. Astropath: The astropath is pretty cheap and gives imperial guard the option of building a reserves army with greater chances of getting it on the board earlier. It would specifically involve outflanking and deep striking units, and possibly tanks arriving from the board so they can fire at least once unharmed. He is an option to build your army around, otherwise is not seen a lot. Master of Ordnance: The master of ordnance effectively turns the command squad into a basilisk. It uses no extra FOC selection and is fairly cheap. However the command squad must remain stationary to fire and it will always scatter, and usually quite some distance, so the damage is highly variable. It might not be consistent enough for you, but the potential to destroy a whole unit or vehicle sometime throughout the game is there. Officer of the Fleet: This is a tactic to force your opponent to start everything on the board if he can. If you have two officers of the fleet, enemy reserves have only 44% chance of arriving before turn 4 and 28% chance they don't arrive until turn 5. He is very cheap for his very powerful effect and if you have a command squad is the closest thing to an auto include in a guard list. Bodyguard: What bodyguards effectively do is add an additional model to the unit and an additional wound to the commander. If you get wounded twice, they can both be resolved against the bodyguard. If you have 1 commander, 4 veterans, and 2 bodyguard and 12 fire warriors shoot at you, doing 10 wounds, you can have the bodyguards take 6 wounds and the veterans take 1 wound each, keeping the commander alive. It is difficult to get a lot of use out of the bodyguards but they are cheap. Orders: There are six orders available to the company command squad, the last three of which are also available to infantry platoon command squads. "Get back in the fight!" is the best order with the ability to rally squads under half strength or within 6" of an enemy unit. "Bring it down!" is for targeting squads with high strength weaponry, since they have to be firing at a vehicle or monstrous creature. All their weapons become twinlinked which greatly increases the anti-tank reliability of squads with lascannons and the survivability of guardsmen with plasmaguns. "Fire on my target!" is used on guard firing low AP weaponry at squads in cover, reducing their chance of passing their cover saves from 50% to 25%. This can also be useful if firing a lascannon at a vehicle in cover, with no discernable difference between this and "bring it down" statistically, unless the squad has BS4 in which case this is the better option. "First rank fire! Second rank fire!" is the third order to increase chances of damage against units. Each guardsman firing their lasgun fires an extra shot. Even if your ten man squad with missile launcher and plasmagun is firing at space marines in cover, you are better choosing this than "fire on my target". "Incoming!" is a niche order, giving a squad most likely sitting on an objective +2 to their cover save by going to ground. "Move! Move! Move!" is another niche order; you roll 3D6 to run and chose the highest. This allows more reliable assault blocking or objective grabbing. Wargear: You can give your commander a power weapon or power fist to have an effective role in counter-attack if you don't have it elsewhere. Meltabombs on the commander will rarely be used. The medic is pricy considering feel no pain is ignored by S6 or greater and is unlikely to turn the tide against the average assault unit with attacks that ignore armor. The regimental standard and the vox allow your guardsmen to reroll moral and orders tests respectively. There is a 72% chance of passing ld8 and a 92% chance if you get to reroll it. The standard is very cheap for its very powerful ability of effectively increasing guardsmen leadership within 12"; the vox is even cheaper however passing orders is not as important. It is inadvisable to spend points on krak grenades, carapace armor, or camo cloaks. They have their uses, krak grenades can help the command squad blow up tanks, and both carapace armor and camo cloaks help increase the survivability of the command squad meaning they're probably not going to be shot at. However you may turning the command squad into something it shouldn't be; you should use other units to destroy tanks, and orders are not offensively important enough to warrant points spent to encourage the opponent to shoot at other squads instead of the command squad. Lord Commissar The lord commissar is an independent character, and with precise deployment can give almost half a guard army leadership 10 until he is dealt with. His combat ability is not spectacular even with a power fist, since his is targetable. He costs a lot of points and your army must be able to abuse the leadership boost to make him worth it. Primaris Psyker The primaris psyker is another independent character which can join a squad to boost both its ranged and combat offense. He has a force weapon and two psychic powers. The lightning arc is very decent firepower for the points cost of the psyker, effective against most units in the game. He should be paired with preferably mobile units with similar weapons, such as grenade launchers. The nightshroud seems like a throw in power just in case you are out of range of the lightning arc; most enemies will pass their leadership to spot you. Techpriest Enginseers The techpriest adds a lot of character to the imperial guard codex, with the ability to run around the battlefield fixing vehicles. However he is very bad. While he and his servitors can sport power fists no decent enemy is going to get damaged by them, dealing with the techpriest by killing it or ignoring it. And since immobilized results destroy vehicles in squadrons his use is diminished, unless you bunch up your vehicles but that in itself limits tactics. Ministorum Priests The priests are another way of adding counter-attack to your imperial guard army. They are useless by themselves without paying for eviscerators, at which point they become fairly expensive. In a large squad however the ability to reroll hits can be priceless. Just be aware that you're paying a lot of points for a model with one wound. Elites Ogryn Squad An ogryn is a small unit packed into one model. A unit of ogryns hit the enemy harder than any other unit in the imperial guard. With only flak armor and without fleet, any decent opponent will be able to deal with a unit of ogryns trying to assault him. On the other hand, it's very difficult to deal with ogryns sitting back with the guardsmen waiting for the opponent to go to them. They are therefore designed to assault units trying to assault you, the counter-attack. They are also large enough to obscure most vehicles. A costly unit, but you get what you pay for. It is worth it to take them if your army has trouble with fast assault armies. Ratling Squad This is a niche sniper unit for dealing with extremely high toughness units such as wraithlords and carnifex. They can complement an army that already has anti infantry and anti tank, and wants something to deal with monstrous creatures. Their ability to pin is also good, especially when combined with the psyker battle squad "weaken resolve" power to reduce leadership. Their infiltrate ability can be used to either go into cover where they get +1 cover save, or to provide a speed bump fast assaulting armies must get through. Psyker Battle Squad The pysker battle squad can be thought of as a unit of special weapons. This is why they are often seen with a chimera, it increases the squad's mobility and protection. They want to stay at range and kill the enemy with their soulstorm psychic power. They are pretty cheap; however if they bother the enemy too much they die reasonably quickly. This means the psyker battle squad is best in an army with a lot of threats for the opponent, which possibly means the full complement of three psyker battle squads. Their other psychic power can occasionally be more useful than soulstorm. Its presence gives rise to the tactic of shooting your psyker battle squad last. If a unit has suffered 25% casualties already, you can use the weaken resolve power to reduce their leadership to greatly increase the chance of them fleeing. Storm Trooper Squad The storm troopers are elite guardsmen with better ballistic skill, better save, and better guns. They have the option to deep strike, infiltrate, scout, and outflank. They can't take a heavy weapon but can be equipped with up to two special weapons, meaning they are a source of deep striking meltaguns for anti tank. They are mostly an anti infantry unit however, and are a little overpriced to pretend they're improved guardsmen; they have short range, low survivability, and lack speed. You pay the extra points for their deployment options as much as their ability to ignore marine armor saves, you would need a list built around their inclusion to justify taking them. Troops Infantry Platoon Platoon Command Squad: This squad is very cheap and a source for high density special weaponry. Just like with the company command squad they can choose four special weapons for a lot of damage. They could also just stick to one heavy weapon. The reason not to have special weapons when you have a heavy weapon is because the command squad's roles conflict, they want to be mobile to use their special weapons but they have to remain stationary to shoot the heavy weapon. Wargear: While you can give commanders power fists they are not an effective counter attack unit. The vox is less effective in platoon commands due to only one order per turn and less choice for orders. The medi-pack is of more limited use than it was for the company command squad since there are no extra advisors to protect. The platoon standard is usually a waste of points; it can be a useful effect however normally you want your guardsmen to flee from combat rather than being stuck in combat, so you can shoot at the enemy squad in your turn. Again, don't spend points on krak grenades if you can spend points on more efficient anti tank. In conclusion, the platoon command squad is best off being a special weapon squad with an extra special weapon and the ability to give orders. Commissar: Commissars can be included in command squads as well as infantry squads. Command commissars are a cheap source of power fists. They are usually not a good idea for the same reason as the platoon standard; you want your guardsmen to flee so your other guardsmen can shoot at the assaulting enemy squad. However, if you plan on combining your guard squads then commissars become essential so those squads don't run away from shooting or assault. Infantry Squad: The infantry squad is the heart and soul of the imperial guard. You have ten men and you can get a heavy weapons team to increase your army's firepower, or just have a special weapon so your guardsmen are more effective at moving around the battlefield. The sergeant can have a power weapon however if you are trying to avoid combat it is not an efficient use of points. The variety in the infantry squads comes down to the weaponry you give them. All the heavy weapons are good, as long as they fill a role in your army. If you need anti tank or anti armor, the lascannon is the best. The autocannon fills a midrange role while the heavy bolter and mortar are anti infantry. Mortars follow lanchester square law to a degree, which means if you are going to have any mortars you want lots of them. The other way to kit out infantry squads is ride them inside a chimera. This usually involves the same kit out as the mobile guardsmen, with one special weapon. On the other hand the chimera can be used as a mobile pillbox. The idea here is the chimera moves onto an objective in the first two turns then sits still for the rest of the game; the infantry squad shoots its heavy and special weapons from inside. In this case you would chose weapons that compliment the chimera weaponry. Heavy Weapons Squad: Each platoon can have 5 heavy weapons squads, which means a guard army has the ability to destroy half an army turn one given the right conditions. This however has yet to prove competitive. The number of models halves as the number of heavy weapons doubles, meaning your opponent only needs half an army to deal with yours anyway. Usually when heavy weapons squads are taken they will not make up the whole army but just a couple of squads, most likely with autocannons. Just remember you only have three models that are vulnerable to instant death; and with ld7, orders become more unreliable. Special Weapons Squad: Special weapons squads are mostly useful if you chose to use command squads solely for giving out orders. They are too pricey and fragile to make up a large portion of the army, which is why their role is usually done by command squads instead. If you want to use them, it's a good idea to take a chimera and do drive by's, especially with a demolition charge. Try not to mix and match other weaponry the same way you shouldn't with command squads. Let the squad have a specific role and diversify your army, not individual units. Conscripts: Conscripts do not shoot well nor are they likely to survive one round in combat. They are somewhat useful giving other guardsmen cover saves. Otherwise, they don't kill anything so it is difficult to justify taking them in your list without improving them significantly with special characters or the lord commissar. Veteran Squad Veteran squads are cheap troops with no strings attached. They can take up to three special weapons but are unable to deep strike or outflank like storm troopers for safe delivery of their firepower. They provide reliable heavy weaponry at their better ballistic skill, but the squad can get very expensive and inefficient on the battlefield if you take both a veteran heavy weapons team and three special weapons. The cheapest effective load out to do that would be a heavy bolter and three grenade launchers, the squad's role is clearly defined and the grenade launchers have decent range. Plasmaguns and an autocannon also define the squad's role well and again, the plasmaguns have decent range. However an example of a bad idea is a lascannon and three meltaguns, the ranges don't mix even if the weapons appear to have similar roles. The doctrines are a nice addition to the veterans and are about personal taste. Grenadiers give you the option of fielding a 4+ save guard army, however a random grenadier unit in a normal guard army is only going to be targeted by all the AP4 weaponry the opponent has. Camo-cloaks and defensive grenades are expensive for what you get, but can work well if the unit is designed to be a pillbox unit. Stick them in terrain and deal with anything that charges you by striking first and striking again with a power fist. Finally, you can make your veterans finish off any tanks their meltaguns failed to deal with by giving them meltabombs, you also get a demolition charge with that. If you can actually get to the tank you will be hard pressed to find something that has a better chance of killing it, but unless you want the demolition charge you should spend your points on more reliable anti tank. You can stick veterans in chimeras as well, this way you don't need to have command squads in your army that need a whole transport by themselves. Penal Legion Squad While they're just as easy to kill as any other guardsmen, and lack the typical ranged firepower, they can outflank and assault. At the very least your opponent will be wary of putting things near the side edge, which you can make work for you. Just like any other guardsman, the legionnaires are unlikely to survive the battle when their goal is to assault the enemy; instead they can work well as a stubborn ld8 objective sitter. Generally, since they are a bit random, the penal legion squad is not particular good. Chimera The chimera transport is one of the best in the game. The standard chimera is usually just the way you want it, but you have some different weapon options available, including adding a heavy stubber for a 9 shot tank. Overwhelming your opponent with chimera is the basis of the continuously alluded mechanized army; the redundancy creates a problem for most opponents. Fast Attack Scout Sentinel Squadron The scout sentinel squad is best off outflanking so it can shoot before being shot at; however this is not the only way to play them. The scout move can help the sentinels find some terrain to hide behind before walking out and firing. Scout sentinels can offer a cheap gun but it's unreliable. Adding a hunter killer missile will increase the reliability for the alpha striking outflanking sentinel. If you plan on deploying them, you are best with 48" weaponry so less enemy weapons are in range. You are able to tie up a unit in combat with a sentinel for the whole game, however if you're going to have this tactic in mind you might be better off with armored sentinels. Camo netting is cheap and can really help; the small size of the sentinel makes it relatively easy to obscure. Armored Sentinel Squadron If you are after sentinels you might prefer the armored sentinels. They can't outflank but they can survive much longer, especially in combat. They are a source of plasma cannons to deal with terminators, but now they're getting pretty costly. Generally, stick to 48" weaponry and in cover, with camo netting if you can afford it. Rough Rider Squad Rough riders are another unit for defending against assaulting enemies. They also have the ability to chase down many units not trying to assault you. They are a one hit wonder that are will do damage the turn they assault. Since they have krak grenades they also have a use after the first charge, hunting armor. Just remember they cannot be strategically important in your army due to how easily they are taken out. Hellhound Squadron Hellhound: The hellhound's characteristics seem work well together, moving flat out when it is out of range anyway, to get into range; and good side armor to protect it from angled shots. However it is a risky choice because if you don't kill the unit you shot at they will be in charge range. The placing of the template is also little restrictive so remember where you want the shot to be coming from. It's only good because with its speed you are able to target the unit that's going to be hurt the most by the template, eliminating entire lightly armored squads. Devil Dog: The melta cannon is a multimelta in blast form. This makes it better when the opponent has his units close together, but the increased chance of doing more damage comes with the downside of the increased chance of doing no damage, scattering off your opponent's spread out units. With the speed of the devil dog you are able to hunt down hiding units and deny others cover saves. With the addition of a hull multimelta it becomes a very dangerous but fragile unit your opponent will focus on. Bane Wolf: The bane wolf has a frightening weapon that ignores most saves. As long as you're not firing at daemons or units with a 2+ save this is devastating. As long as you're not firing though, it's not helping you out much. You have to drive the tank right up next to the unit without a shaken result to release the gas and kill something. It's really handy to be a fast vehicle, theoretically getting to the enemy on turn 2, but it's a high threat to the opponent and the chassis is not too hard to get through when all they need is a shaken result. Valkyrie Assault Carrier Squadron You can declare a unit being deployed inside the valkyrie in the deployment phase then declare the valkyrie to be outflanking. This solves a lot of the problems previously with delivering triple special weapon veteran squads and quadruple special weapon command squads. The valkyrie isn't too hard to take down but if you have a few of them with the desired special weapon payloads coming in from the side, you will be causing trouble for your opponent. The other deployment options are to scout it out and get close to your enemy for a turn 1 payload; or deep strike, effectively giving guard drop pods (expensive, unreliable drop pods). To be blunt, the valkyrie is a key component of a mobile guard army. It can be equipped to become a nightmare against assault based hordes, due to its rocket pods and speed. The grav chute insertion is an option if deemed necessary but the drawback is massive and it's generally recommended to avoid using it. Vendetta Gunship Squadon The vendetta packs the scouting, speed, and firepower to hunt down side armor and deal with monstrous creatures. You can only fire all three lascannons if you move at combat speed, but it can still be hitting side armor first turn given you moved flat out in the scout move. With 48" range you should be trying to have it in cover as well. It has all the advantages of the valkyrie, picking up units late in the game and carrying them towards objectives. A great inclusion in a target rich list, where your opponent has too many units they want to take down as soon as possible. Heavy Support Leman Russ Squadron Leman russ are all effectively AV14 tanks that are scared of combat. They don't have the mobility to avoid combat, relying on ogryns or rough riders to protect them. Sponsons add a lot of points to the tank but at the same time add a lot of firepower, especially against hordes. Just remember when adding sponsons that you must remain stationary to fire more than one of them. You already have a heavy bolter (that can be upgrade to a lascannon) that can fire when you move. Leman Russ Battle Tank: The battle tank is a staple of a guard army and one of the most popular choices since it fills a role that little else in the guard codex can fill so well, killing units for cheap with reasonable reliability. A lot of powerful units in this game work really well for a player until they run into a battle cannon. It has the strength and ordnance capability to shoot at tanks if it needs to, making it very versatile for its points cost. Leman Russ Exterminator: The exterminator autocannon provides a very mid range solution for your army, good against 4+ saves and good against light vehicles. You are usually better with higher strength weapons against light vehicles however, so this tank performs best at a niche role of dealing with 4+ save units. This means heavy bolter sponsons work fairly well in combination with the exterminator autocannon, providing a 13 shot tank as long as it remains stationary. Leman Russ Vanquisher: The vanquisher battle cannon is solely an anti tank gun, because it's incredibly inefficient shooting at infantry. Unfortunately, it's not even that good shooting at tanks either, because it rolls to hit. You can pay 50 points for commander pask to increase one to BS4 making it very reliable, but not efficient enough when there's no guarantee your opponent will have tanks. Leman Russ Eradicator: The eradicator is another tank designed to take out 4+ save units, this time being very good against units that utilize cover well. These units are either pillbox units, which aren't necessarily scary to a guard army, or mobile cover units such as orks with kustom force field, warlocks with conceal, or an army like the Imperial Guard that uses meat shields to obscure line of sight to their important units. If any of these are giving your guard problems then this is the tank for you. This is the first of the "short ranged" leman russ, where deployment is more important. Leman Russ Demolisher: The demolisher is a very good tank, the demolisher siege cannon kills everything. It is balanced by its short range, meaning the opponent has likely moved their units away from it. If the demolisher has been deployed correctly then your opponent may have no choice but to have troops in range, making the demolisher the biggest threat on the table. Even with its short range and threat status making combat far more likely, the demolisher is slightly more protected from combat with its increased rear armor. Most basic troops can't even stop it from shooting. While the overabundance of cover can be a problem, it will do a good job for you. Leman Russ Punisher: Similarly short ranged but better protected from combat like the demolisher, the punisher also kills everything with a toughness value. It is far more reliable than the demolisher even though it doesn't have the chance of killing as many well armored troops. What you get out of the punisher is a tank that helps with your anti infantry needs both efficiently and reliably. It's not about to kill anything scary, you need other units to do that. It will however over the course of the game have such a massive impact that it may turn the tide in your favor. Leman Russ Executioner: Also a short ranged tank with better rear armor, this will deal with 2+ saves more reliably than anything else in the guard army. It also excels at hordes and monstrous creatures. The fact that if you give it plasma cannon sponsons you are placing five blasts on a target means you will generate a good deal of wounds. This will often be the opponent's biggest target. You can somewhat protect it from crew shaken results by sticking it in a squad with a battle tank, assigning all glances and penetrations to the battle tank. The opponent will need to glance at least twice with a single unit to stop it from shooting. Just put them in cover, you're not moving them anyway. Hydra Flak Tank Battery This at first appears similar to the exterminator however it is far cheaper and very effective when taken in multiples. It is a dedicated anti fast skimmer unit, which also has the ability to ignore turbo boost cover saves for the few bike units without a 3+ save. You can take this tank to cover most of your anti transport needs. Guard have a particular problem with units inside transports so dealing with them early with a hydra battery can swing the game. Ordnance Battery Basilisk: The basilisk is very cheap for its gun. It can do a lot of damage however it has a very large minimum range for indirect fire, and if it can be seen because you're using direct fire then it is an easy tank to destroy. Its role is a hybrid of its ability to kill units that like to hide and kill the largest threat early in the game before the basilisk is dealt with. A well hidden basilisk can work very well, however a lot of people take units specifically designed to hunt down hidden basilisks, meaning even then you won't be shooting all game. As with any blasts they force the enemy to spread out, which means less kills for you. Medusa: There are two varieties of the medusa depending on what your army needs. The medusa offers a longer ranged demolisher cannon that similarly kills everything in this game. If you are a skilled enough general you may be able to get around the difficulties of having less armor, otherwise the demolisher will be a better choice for you. Bastion-breacher shells on the other hand offer something unique. A small blast with good range, it is the most devastating anti vehicle shot in the guard army. Since the medusa can't fire indirectly, hiding comes at the cost of not shooting; your opponents will fear the medusa and will usually be able to take it down. Colossus: The colossus is a more expensive basilisk that is better against infantry, with a reasonably smaller minimum range. It provides the second weapon in the guard army to ignore both power armor and cover saves, and unlike the bane wolf you can start firing first turn. This is generally preferable over a basilisk unless you need to be able to instant death T4 units. While the basilisk can kill vehicles, if you take the colossus you have your anti vehicle covered elsewhere in your army. Griffon: The griffon is very cheap and its heavy mortar is a reliable source of AP4. While not ignoring power armor like the other ordnance batteries it is still reasonably efficient against it, due to the increased accuracy from the ability to reroll the scatter dice. If you expect to be able to hide the griffon then it may be the best choice amongst your anti light infantry choices in the codex. Manticore Rocket Launcher The first thing to notice is that it only has four shots each game, however most vehicles don't shoot more than four times in a game. The problem is it has a chimera chassis and is very expensive. The rockets are good against both vehicles and light infantry, meaning they'll be useful against nearly every army. Having ordnance D3 is only slightly worse than ordnance 2 because of the increased variability. It can be a good choice if you are after some anti infantry and feel the need to supplement your anti tank. Deathstrike Missile Launcher This tank builds up a lot of excitement on the battlefield and is able to wipe out a heck of a lot enemy models even if it scatters. Both the minimum and maximum range are insignificant, usually the best target for the missile is where the enemy is most densely packed, regardless of what is a threat to you at the time. It has a 33% chance of going off turn 2, and stays around 33% or better for the rest of the game given the enemy hasn't yet successfully destroyed it. It is not too expensive for the impact it can do, just be aware that it does have a high chance of doing nothing in a game given the enemy wants it dead.

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anonymous: Кстати, зацени масштаб Вали, в сравнении с другой ИГ-техникой

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anonymous: Он дорог как слон. С Паском он стоит как ЛР, на эти 50 очей я бы в армию ништяка добрал. Опять же, 5 бластов всё равно кого-нить снесут.

Chaplain: anonymous пишет: Он дорог как слон. С Паском он стоит как ЛР, на эти 50 очей я бы в армию ништяка добрал. Опять же, 5 бластов всё равно кого-нить снесут угу, пришел к аналогичному выводу

anonymous: После изрядного перерыва на ФБ, в это воскресенье погонял в 40к на 1500. У меня было- командник (стряк-мед-флит), яррик, псяки на химере, рэтлинги, марбо. платун 2 сквада лазплаз срощенный, командник с мортирой, ветераны с харкером и плазмой, ветераны с мётлами на вендетте, батлтанк. Бился с механайз-вордбирерами, даун оф вор, две точки в деплое. Первый ход был мой. Один риносквад имобильнули инфильтраторы харкера, вторую рину просто зажгли, но она стояла на хитро выставленном обджективе, и потом там много крови пролилось. На первом обджективе-мортирщики, всё без перемен. Хаосит на 1 ход вывел дефов и ЛР с нехорошим чем-то. Отстрелялся почти никак, т.к. ночь, а я-далеко. Обиженные мары из стопорённой рины выжгли харкера, вторые мары залегли за риной на обджективе. Второй ход мой. Марбо не вышел. Валя ломится на флетауте к дефам, рэтлинги занимают отличную позицию, псяки выходят на дистанцию обстрела. стрельбой вышибли пару маров с обджектива, псяки неплохо кинули бласт, и-самое главное- платун иммобильнул райдер с приказа. Хаос понял, что всё плохо. Командир с ребятами и сквад марья ломится к каверу, но недоранивает, мары на обджективе выдвигаются к вальке, пролетавшей рядом, на пару с дефами сбивают ей лазку. Кавер и 12 броня- жгут. Мой ход. Марбо курит. Валька пролетает, высаживает мельтеров,псяки и лёма выцеливают пятно маров, бегущих до кавера, рэтлинги целятся в выбежавших на валю маров. Стрельбой командник и рядом тусящие мары истребляются под ноль (псяки кинули ап2 и сбрили лорда, лёма хитнул), осталось двое и рядом тусящий сорклорд, рэты ополовинивают своих маров, валя и мельтеры не смогли поджечь ни один из дефов, одному сорвали ствол, второй-имобильнули. Потом было добивание остатков. Ярик с платуном дорезал сорка и маров, марбо и все стволы вынесли демонов с обджектива, мельтеров таки добили, но рэты за них отомстили. 1-0 по точкам, моя победа.

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