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Chaplain: Выкладываем сюда: Слухи о грядущем кодексе ИГ 5-й редакции: Army wide special rule: I think it’s called Platoon Drill or something like that. Basically, units from the same platoon may ignore intervening squads when shooting. So enemy units targeted in this way do not receive the 4+ save. Apparently this only works if the Platoon command squad is alive and within 12” of the rest of the platoon. I’ve been told that this is just one of the abilities guard Platoons may get, but only as long as the chain of command is intact (whatever that means). So loosing your HQ Command Squad may be a really bad thing. Doctrines are for sure gone (I think we all knew this), but have been replaced by more mutable platoons. Instead of Armoured fist squads you can buy Chimeras for a whole platoon. Or buy the whole platoon grav-chutes to give them deep strike, or drop the heavy weapons from squads and give the platoon Scout. Veteran squads become upgrades to platoons (i.e. they are not elites anymore). Apparently infantry platoons let you attach certain types of support vehicles to them(kinda like back in second edition). Things like sentinels, hellhounds and demolishers can be attached to platoons. They still take up a FOC spot, but become part of the platoon and so will benefit from the Platoon Drill rule. The Leman Russ can be bought as a squadron so you can get 3 for a single FOC. They can not be attached to platoons however. Sniper Squads can now infiltrate, get stealth, range finders and all models in the squad have sniper rifles (and BS 4!). Like the Land Raider, a new plastic sprue for the Leman Russ has been made that will allow plastic demolishers and a 3rd variant (my money is on the Exterminator). The Baneblade in NOT in the new codex. It just doesn’t work (i.e. overpowered)in games that are not Apocalypse in size. However Stormtrooper squads can now take Valkyries as transports. Both will be getting a plastic kit. Valkyries follow the rules for skimmers I’ve been told. Again, they want to keep flyers and super heavies out of ”normal games” but give people the ability to use them with all the special rules in Apocalypse and Planet-strike (if the ever get around to that.) This last one makes me wonder what’s they are doing, but apparently there is a new HQ in the book; Inquisitor and Retinue much like the elites from the current Daemon Hunters/Witch Hunters books. More info if I get it.

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Кор Фаэрон: Арлекин пишет: Сходство схемы усвоения и дальнейшего использования генов по-крутовому, по-орочьи и по-тиранидски - несомненно. Орки ДНК не усваивают, у них ОЧЕНЬ стабильный генокод... Тираниды меняют тела полностью а круты лишь новые свойства получают(варп-сферы построили).Кнарлоки и прочее считаются тупиковыми ветвями эволюции. Арлекин пишет: потом - крутами (с их такой же разрозненой и агрессивной клановой структурой) Вторжение крутов?Сильно бля... Арлекин пишет: потом - тиранидами Тираниды с первой редакции с 87 года неуч, а тау и все кто с ними с 3(99 или 98 не помню).

Chaplain: Возвращаемся к теме. новое

Кор Фаэрон: А почему хаотский титан дороже?

Chaplain: Компиляция гвардейских слухов GENERAL RUMORS -No more doctrines -Tanks will be in squads -Many special charaters that will provide army wide rules like those in new SM codex -Chimera and Hellhound might come in one combo boxed set -Troop squads may be in the pricerange of 200Pts for 45 Guardsmen -Many new models MODEL RUMORS (only a sampling) -Leman Russ multi-variant all plastic kit -Hellhound updated -IG Command Squad plastic kit -3 Leman Russes per HS slot. (requires certain conditions to be met) - Leman Russes can now move and fire ALL their weapons (including the Battle Canon), regardless of their strength. -New doctrines, including one which provides +1 to cover and allows firing while going to ground. -New Plastic Command squad. -Assault 2 Lasguns (probably an upgrade). -The plastic Valkyrie will cost 60?. -New plastic Hellhound. Вообщем, обещают много чего вкусного. Давно пора И слухи по грядущим Некронам Take this with a pinch of salt, but a friend (cue groans) who follows 40k a heck of a lot more than me told me that when Necrons are released in mid-2009, there'll be a new sprue for the Monolith and their other vehicles (?), with combat mechanical tentacles, a mini-pylon, or a green-plastic globe to replace the crystal. Combine this with the usual about FnP, tiered Lords, Lord Special Characters, SaP, Rending for the clawed units and improved Pariahs (he claimed they would be able to ignore Fearless, which sounds a bit OTT), and a new MC. He did say that Scarabs were being split into two different unit choices, though. Constructor Scarabs and Scout Scarabs. И оркам: If there is something any Big Mek worth his weight loves, its "pimpin up" his battlewagon. Word is there is a GW direct only battlewagon accessory sprue soon to to be offered with the following parts: -Deff-rolla -Kill kannon -Lots of Orky bitz The Stompa is coming, and visual sightings of the kits have been reported. -It is a large kit with several guns, a chainsaw arm, and rockits. -Many bitz are provided with things such as, gunz, chains, pistons, and both Ork and Grot crew. -The overall design is said to be somehwat related to the Apocalypse scratchbuilt models (see above pic). It was speculated that some of those may have been early prototypes. -Stompa's head is smallish, (but easily accessorized with the truckload of bitz included). -The Stompa's main guns are awesome, with a belt fed Supa-Gattla included. -Several grot-bombs are in (handy for scrathbuilding fighta-bombas). - There is an "internal schematic" included that shows the inner working of a typical Stompa and its crew. The kit is said to be very modular with the existing Ork plastic vehicle line. Things such as the turrets on the new Battlewagon are interchangable, and there is talk of future upgrade sprues (like the Baneblade) to expand the stompa to cover other versions over time. Finally, even thought he kit is substantially larger then the Baneblade, it is said to be priced exactly the same US$95/£60!

Мегаэльф-варриор: Chaplain пишет: Tanks will be in squads Уличная Магия!!! В рот мне ноги!!! Сквадрон летающих грави-танков!!!! То есть - эскадрон эльдар летучих.

Chaplain: Мегаэльф-варриор пишет: Уличная Магия!!! В рот мне ноги!!! Сквадрон летающих грави-танков!!!! То есть - эскадрон эльдар летучих. Ага, для Гвардии. Впрочим, справеливости ради следует отметить, что Флаконы и Клизмы (Falcons и Fire Prisms) могут двигаться в формациях и получать за это бонусы. Но это Апок.

Наталья МВ: Мегаэльф-варриор пишет: Уличная Магия!!! В рот мне ноги!!! Вот. сенька открыл для себя уличную магию. Помнится, был недавно об этом разговор...

Chaplain: Наталья МВ пишет: Вот. сенька открыл для себя уличную магию. Я ее в раздел "Юмор" постил. Оттуда и узнал наш поциент

Chaplain: Слухи с колокола про ИГ: Codex The IG Codex is slated for release in the first week of May. There is a new HQ choice referred to as a "Fleet Officer". This fine chap gives you access to different types of orbital bombardments every turn. There are other officer "types" to select from that give other abilites including a Commissar Lord. Models New Commissar Lord is available as a new HQ choice with dual models. Plastic Command Squads; Cadians and Catachans are said to both be getting plastic command squads. Infantry Squad Recuts; Infantry boxes are rumored to be repackaged as 2 sprues containing eight guardsmen and a single heavy weapon team in each box; similar to what was done to the Eldar Guardian kits. Plastic Stormtroopers are on the way. Plastic Valkyrie is on the way. This is said to be a transport option for the Stormtroopers and possibly other select squads. Kits have been visually spotted. The Valkyrie will be interesting as it is said to be a skimmer only in the codex. The idea is that flyers never exist in "straight 40k" so the Valkyrie keeps its flyer/skimmer modes as published only in Apocalypse. Price is said to be Ј35/US$50, and the kit is fairly large (roughly Land Raider sized)

Chaplain: И на закуску новый форджовский инкв

Гунтер: ух епть, зачетный то какой.

Кор Фаэрон: Красив чертяка да ещё псайкер.

Chaplain: Новый танчеГ от Форджа

Ork: Ле Ман Рассы - в сквадах!!! С гретчинами внутри!!! Хочу!!! А еще лучше - девушки из фентези батла на поле сражений 40К. Типа лучницы....Chaplain пишет: И на закуску новый форджовский инкв Кор Фаэрон пишет: Красив чертяка да ещё псайкер. Опять чипобол. Куча армора, оружия и псайкерства. То есть - протви эльдар чтобы. Читерство. Протви крика же орков Вааааха - никакая психозащита не поможет.

Chaplain: Ork пишет: Ле Ман Рассы - в сквадах!!! С гретчинами внутри!!! Хочу!!! А еще лучше - девушки из фентези батла на поле сражений 40К. Че курил? Или С НГ головка бо-бо? Русским по белому написано- для ИГ. У Орков свой кодекс есть Возвращаемся к теме: 2-я волна новых Орков Прям Da Splinta Cell Еще один герой. Вопрос для Гури: как его зовут, впрочим как и перца на предъыдущей картинке P.S. Знатоки, молчать! И напоследок, новые пластиковые Нобы

Кор Фаэрон: Ork пишет: Опять чипобол. Куча армора, оружия и псайкерства. То есть - протви эльдар чтобы. Нет.Просто ты мудак.Инквизы Маллеус(а это вроде он) против хаоса. Ork пишет: Протви крика же орков Вааааха - никакая психозащита не поможет Псайкеров он ввиду чели имеет?

Chaplain: Кор Фаэрон пишет: Псайкеров он ввиду чели имеет? Хрен его знает. Не думаю, что он знает о наличии у орков псайкеров

Chaplain: Кор Фаэрон пишет: Псайкеров он ввиду чели имеет? Хрен его знает. Не думаю, что он знает о наличии у орков псайкеров

Ahmed : Зачетные миньки

Ahmed : Гуря как всегда несет что-то не в кассу

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